How to start free blog or website using WordPress

You might have already gone through lot of articles and blog posts for How to start free blog.
And you might have already heard about or blogger etc. But here we are not looking for this, because as a free blog, these services won’t provide custom domain name of your choice or they don’t provide https access to your blog. For these kind of features these services will ask for paid plan.

But here in this video, we will see, how to setup a blog with custom domain name and HTTPS access completely free. You don’t need to pay any money for starting your blog. You can even start showing advertisements on your blog and statrt earning money, without any investment. The blog you are currently reading, is running free of cost. So you can also start your blog as me.

What will come in this free blog?

  1. WordPress installation on server
  2. Free HTTPS access to your blog. (People nowdays prefer HTTPS over HTTP)
  3. Custom domain name of your choice.
  4. Access to CloudFlare utilities which will give you more control on your blog.

Follow the simple tutorial

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