Difference between strlen and sizeof


  • strlen() is a predefined function in C.
  • strlen() is used to get the length of an array of chars/string.


  • sizeof is a unary operator in C.
  • sizeof() is used to get the actual size of any type of data in bytes.

Some example to determine difference between strlen() and sizeof().

  • sizeof() calculate the length of string including ‘\0’. Whereas strlen() calculate the length of string excluding ‘\0’.
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  • strlen() stops calculating a length of string when the pointer points to ‘\0’, even though ‘\0’ is in the string.
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    Here in first printf statement, the address of array elements is always an integer. So that it return value of integer data type i.e, 4 bytes in the second printf statement, it returns the number of elements in arr including ‘\0’.

    strlen(&arr[1]) – This calculate length from arr[1] upto end of string excluding ‘\0’. strlen(arr) – it return the number of elements in arr excluding ‘\0’

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