C sizeof

  • sizeof is a unary operator in C.


    The terms in sizeof() are stored in stack. Firstly the 3 is inserted then 3.0999999. Thus as we know stack is a LIFO (last in first out) data structure. Therefore sizeof operator will give a size of last item i.e, 3.0999999. As 3.0999999 is of double data type, it returns size of double i.e, 8.
  • Here in the first printf, address array elements are always an integer. So that it return value of integer data type i.e, 4 bytes. In the second printf statement, it returns the number of elements in arr and ‘\0’
  • In first statement, null consider as a string. In the second statement, nothing means zero. So there are two elements zero and \0. Therefore it return number of elements.

Difference between sizeof and strlen

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