User Registration and Form Validations

This tutorial will demonstrate how to add User Registration and Form Validations.

Download source code: Click here!
Download source code with Assignment Answer: Click here!

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14 thoughts on “User Registration and Form Validations”

  1. I have a problem. When I try to login after registration, I get an “Email or Password is invalid” error. What is the reason?

    • There can be multiple problems:
      You need to check the logs for more details. Can you share link to your log file.
      You can check for below things:
      1. Database details are correct and MySQL is up and running.
      2. Queries are executing properly without SQL Exception.
      3. Users are already present in database, for which you are trying to login.

  2. Hello, I have a question. According to the given email, I want to write a function of returning the user object. How can I do it?

    • Hi, I have added the source code for the same on page, you can find solution for your query in that source code. Here is the code for that.

  3. Hi I am not able to open registration page , when i open registration it will redirect to login and give some error as access denied

    • Hi, Can you check whether in, you have allowed the access to register page.

    • Hi, I have added source code for the assignment, you can find the solution for your query in that. Thanks for your comment, if I could help you in any way, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel. Thanks. Happy Coding.


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